Sharing the South African Experience

The Turners Training Academy hosted a training session for a delegation from the Kenya Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in July.

The scope of the workshop was to provide the participants with various options on how Kenya’s ERC can strengthen their existing program, ensuring proper quality fuels for its domestic markets and preventing illicit trade in fuels smuggling and adulteration.

The workshop was led by Gregory Marks, National Excise Manager at Turners Shipping who served in the South African Revenue Services as the National Specialist for the Petroleum Industry for over 10 years.

The delegates were introduced to the South African model; how the South African Revenue Service fits into energy security within the framework of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa and the Department of Energy.

The framework for ensuring fuel integrity was also discussed, covering the existing SARS illicit fuels program; sampling methodologies of in-field testing, enforcement and various sanctions used by the authorities to ensure compliance.

The delegates benefitted from Gregory’s practical experience. During his tenure, as National Specialist, he was responsible for the implementation, monitoring and control over the 2 Fiscal Marking programs in South Africa. This wealth of experience places him in a unique position to share his knowledge and lessons learnt with industry members and government representatives at the highest level.

Workshop modules included:

  • Energy policies, regulatory frameworks and legislation, with emphasis on energy security and specific reference to Hydrocarbon Fuels.
  • Impact of Hydrocarbon Fuels on fiscal security.
  • Monitoring, policing and enforcement; with particular focus on the approach to ensuring compliance and mechanisms deployed.

The delegate feedback was positive. Dr Charles White of FAS Authentix enjoyed the format of the presentation: “The training was hugely informative in a collaborative way.” Loise Mumbi of the Kenya ECR said the sharing of practical experiences was invaluable.

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