Building Blocks for Financial Fitness

The financial wellness workshops were held at all of the Turner Shipping branches. Some of the Cape Town staff who attended were Shihaam Roman, Nikita Archery, Fundiswa Kuta, Lukhanyo Mantshi, Mimi Xhasa and Don Whittaker. With them was Linda Gwabe from Nedbank.

As there seems to be no end to the rising cost of living, many people find themselves stressed over family finances.

Turners Shipping has partnered with Nedbank to present Financial Wellness workshops for staff members.

The workshops took participants through steps for self-assessment and provided practical solutions to ease financial stress and how to manage money more carefully.

“Very often situations outside of the office negatively affect a person’s performance at work, which in turn adds to their stress levels,” says Rene Naidoo, training coordinator for the Turners Training Academy which organized the presentations.

“This was the first round of what is going to be an ongoing process in which we aim to equip our employees with the necessary skills to achieve a healthy work/life balance.”