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Turners Training Academy offers more than just a pool of CVs to recruit from, we offer Strategic recruitment solutions that will see you meeting your business goals. We offer candidates that will contribute to the bottom line that will allow you to meet your EE Plan objectives and improve your BBBEE scorecards.

We are not for window dressing hence we ensure that we screen and select the best candidate for you. With our vast experience in the industry, we know what to look for in a candidate. All you have to do is allocate time for an interview and let us know your selection.

At Turners Training Academy, we understand that the economic situation might not always allow you to offer permanent employment and yet you still have to service your clients, maintain your service level agreements and meet your recruitment needs, hence we offer Fixed Term Employment solutions, Internship and Learnership candidates which when the time is right you can absorb into your employ and score bonus points!!!

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